Fashion Colors: I want #pinkhairdontcare too!

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Vivids. Pastels. Color Melts.  Fashion Colors.  It’s safe to say that unnatural hair colors have taken over the beauty industry.  Half of our styling staff at Vanity Hair Studio has hair color only found in nature, or in the garden: we’re talking blues, pinks, greens, purples. What do you need to know about this kind of color?  

Let’s lump all of these colors together and call them “Fashion Colors” for the sake of brevity – fun colors of the rainbow, from pastel tones to deep and rich hues.  They’re fun – and that’s what they’re supposed to be. Fashion Colors are an excellent way to make a statement and express your personality.  They are no longer for the young or “punk rocker” only.  Fashion Colors have found their way onto children and adults of all ages.  They are not for the faint of heart!  It is highly likely that sometime after you walk out of the salon with your beautifully colored mane some small child will point at you and say, “Mommy, that lady has purple hair!”  You’ve been warned.  

But how are Fashion Colors different from other colors you’ve had in the past?  We’ve put together some common questions and objections – some have probably crossed your mind, too.  

I’m not sure I can pull it off!

We are firm believers that you can pull off anything you think you can pull off!  There is no “kind of” person that can’t have or pull off Fashion Colors.  We will customize yours just for you so that you have the confidence to pull it off.

It’s going to cost how much?!

We’re going to be straight with you: Fashion Colors are expensive.  There’s just no way around it.  At Vanity we charge $70/hr for fashion colors and you can plan that it won’t take less than 2 hours no matter how little of a streak you want.  Fashion Color application is both labor-intensive and skilled.  With very little exception, hair that is going to be the Fashion Color of your choice has to be lightened first.  So we’re going to separate the hair you want treated, apply a lightener, let that process, shampoo the lightener out, dry it, apply your fashion color, let that process, rinse out the Fashion Color, and dry and style you. There are loads of steps, which means loads of time with your favorite stylist. Fashion Color doesn’t apply the same way that “regular” hair color applies.  Your stylist is going to spend extra time making sure that your hair is fully saturated in color, and that the color will be allowed to penetrate your hair strand.  Adding techniques such as color melts (color on the hair strand starting as one color and changing into another color) adds advanced skill and technique. These things cannot be done quickly and contribute to the result as well as the potential longevity of your new color.

I just want a little bit…

We can do any amount of your hair!  This is why there is no hard and fast rule about how much Fashion Colors cost.  You can have your whole head solid blue, a rainbow of your favorite hues, or a pop of color just under the top layer of your hair and everything in between.  No matter how much hair you choose to color, however, the process is still the same.

It faded so fast!

Here’s a quick overview of how color works (please understand: it’s much more involved, but this is meant to help you understand fading).  Imagine your hair strand like a Christmas tree that you’ve taken home from your local tree farm.  They’ve bailed it so the branches are all flat and pressed against the trunk.  Your hair is like this.  The cuticle is the outermost layer: the branches. The cuticle lays down flat.  When we lighten your hair it’s like when you take the bailing off of the Christmas tree and fluff it up.  The cuticle (or branches) are open and ready to take on color.  The color molecule of a Fashion Color is enormous.  When we lighten your hair and apply a Fashion Color we are doing everything we can do to shove that molecule so far up into the cuticle of your hair (stuffing it in between the branches) that it won’t slip right back out.  But we can’t control the size of the color molecule.  

There are some things that you can do after you leave the salon to protect the longevity of the color.  In no certain order you can:

1. Shampoo as necessary only.

Every time you shampoo you are opening up your cuticle and letting the color molecules out.  You’re also letting dirt, oil and product build up out. So we aren’t suggesting that you stop shampooing.  But, if you’re shampooing out of habit and not necessity, then we advise skipping a day or three.

2. Always use conditioner.

3. Always use conditioner.  Seriously.  

Shampoo opens up your cuticle and conditioner closes in back down, sealing in the color and increasing your hair shine.  For both shampoo and conditioner we very strongly recommend Bumble and bumble Color Minded Shampoo & Conditioner, which we carry at the salon.  It is our opinion that these are the best products for maintaining the health of your hair, the vibrancy of your color, and the value of the money you spent to get your hair the way you wanted.

4. Shampoo in cold water.  

It’s uncomfortable, but it doesn’t last forever!  Jump in the shower with the water turned cold, shampoo and condition, then crank up the heat and keep your hair out of the water.  You’ll never appreciate that nice warm water as much.  It’s like when you do your laundry – what happens to your favorite dark wash jeans when you wash them in hot water?  They bleed all over the place.  The same principle applies here.

Everything in my life is stained.

Yep! Welcome to the wonderful world of Fashion Colors.  Your towels, your sheets, your neck, your clothes: they will all take on the hue of that gorgeous color in your hair.  This goes back to the Christmas tree.  The color molecule, even after we’ve used every trick up our sleeve to get it far into the cuticle, is like a giant Christmas bulb stuffed between two branches.  Every time you walk by it you brush up against the bulb, right? So dig out the pillowcase that you have had the longest, the towels that are pilling and a little lemon juice to get the color off your skin.

Fashion Colors.  They’re expensive and high maintenance.  But they are also stunning, show stopping, vibrant and fun.  You only live once!  Who wants to look back and say, “Remember that time I didn’t color my hair?” Reach out to the team at Vanity Hair Studio in Shoreline, and let’s get you scheduled.

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